Thank you for considering C & C Plumbing. If your water heater is old or out of compensation C&C plumbing technicians specialize in water heater replacement and also installment throughout South Orange County. We supply and install a wide range of different high-quality hot water heaters that will perform year after year installation. We will install the most effective water heaters for your demands. Whether it's a tankless or a conventional gas storage tank or an electrical hot water heater - there are pros and cons to the different types of water heaters. Allow the pros at C&C plumbings go through the alternatives and talk to you about what type of replacement that you may want to consider. we can assist you with your choice and help you find the best water heater for your family's needs in the South Orange County area.

Our experienced hot water heater service technicians at C&C plumbing can bring you up-to-date on the various alternatives in the marketplace, including tankless, gas, electrical, different levels of energy effectiveness, various service warranties, different home heating rates, and much much more.

At C&C Plumbing our technicians are professional water heater installers and have years of experience that can assist you in your choice of which type of hot water heater is best for your South Orange County home.

If you have a water heater that is causing you issues, It may be time to consider a new, much more effective water heater. The water heater experts at C&C plumbing will review several things to consider as you make your choice regarding what is the best water heater for you and your family.

How long do water heaters last?

Hot water heaters typically last around 10 years on average. If you have a water heater that is older than 10 years, you still might want to consider replacing the water heater. Water heaters that are born 10 years old are typically not energy-efficient and may still be costing you more money in the long run. If you decide to convert your tank water heater to a tankless you could potentially be saving yourself a large yearly income.

It is always best to do research on the pros and cons of tank versus tankless water heaters and the different types of water heaters available for your home.

Does a tankless water heater provide instant hot water? 

Yes but probably not what you expect. It is a common misconception that tankless water heaters give you instant hot water at your tap. A tankless water heater heats the water on demand instantly when the flow sensor is triggered in the tankless unit but it still takes the hot water time to run through the pipes to reach your faucets and fixtures. If you are looking for instant hot water right at your faucets and showers you should consider getting a recirculation pump installed on your hot water heater. Some tankless hot water heaters have a recirc pump built into them but you can also have a research pop added to any tankless or conventional hot water heater.  So if this is a feature that you want make sure that you ask one of our plumbing technicians how to have this feature installed.



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